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Lion Lake Country Club is a hottest golf course in South China. 15,000㎡ clubhouse full of Southern California style golf clubs, Chinese and Western restaurants, VIP rooms, banquet halls, spas and 3,500㎡ well-equipped driving range and golf academy.

US stadium designer Rick Jacobson used the original geology and geomorphology, designed the Moon Court and the Moon Stadium 2 different styles of world championship golf course. Among them, the lunar stadium a total length of 7,242 yards, is the only one in the world natural and cultural heritage - Danxia landform built on the course. The long, grassy Links of the Rocks, loyal to the traditional bunker, and the potent pine pines the designer has carefully chosen for the course make the entire lunar court blend in with masculine Danbyne. The lunar stadium has won awards such as Golf Magazineundefineds 2015-2016 China Top Ten Golf Course, 2013-2014 China Top Ten Golf Course, 2013 China Gold Medal Golf Resort, 2012 China Top Ten Golf Course, Golf Master, Top Ten Golf Resorts 2013-2014, Top Ten Golf Resorts 2013-2014, Top Ten Golf Resorts 2011, Top Ten Golf Clubs 2011, Golf Holidays 2012 Top 10 Extraordinary Golf Balls Resorts "," 2010 Hot New Stadium "award," China Golf "magazine" China 18 courts "," 2009 China Best Course Design "award. Moonlight Stadium is overflowing with flowers, shade trees, fine scissors fairways, lush grass and white sand of the giant bunker, showing a soft side. The two stadiums rigid and complementary, add radiance to each other.

The tee, fairways and greens of both courses are planted under the same plant name "Platinum TE undefinedpaspalum" to ensure the consistency of competitive conditions and the unity of the overall look.

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