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A Lion Lake · 1 Mansion: 123 single-storey waterfront island mansion, the building can not be copied Southern California style hydrophilic single villa - 123 waterfront mansion, household water, 0.249 rare ultra-low density, 123 kinds of luxury style, the building can not be copied, with the international high-end package, allowing you to hang around among them, Mountain, pride swing, top planning, crowning your glory for your life.

Two Lion Lake · Ling Ling One: 400-480 ㎡ Italian style first-line golf villas "The best villa in the world, not in the middle of the hill, on the golf course", Lion Lake 6 years of maturity, brings together the wisdom of the world to create two rare Danxia landform golf landscape pure single-family villa - Relying on the world championship-class stadium, latitude 23 ° north latitude and beautiful, spectacular water, without leaving home to enjoy the rolling green golf and 360 ° of the non-green landscape, immersed in the cultural blend of Italian-style garden, the worldundefineds top luxury Supporting, the ultimate interpretation of the highest human living dreams.

Three Lion Lake · British One: 273-350 ㎡ original British townhouse, Shuangpin villas, courtesy of the city elite British One is the Lion Lake Group continued the Lion Lake 1 mansion, View Ridge One after another Allure. British One continuation of the simple style of English villas, dignified architectural colors, elegant aristocratic gardens ... ... Tudor condensing construction vocabulary, open a city of grace, the inter-city elite for the PRD tailored British style exquisite beauty villa.

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